Introducing RESPOND 

Welcome to the official blog of RESPOND! The goal of RESPOND is to study responses to mass migration to Europe in 2015 and afterward in order to provide a basis for more effective policy making. The project is an attempt to reckon with the sense of crisis that emerged due to migration movements and to generate recommendations for improving the governance capacity of the EU, member states and neighbors. RESPOND studies the key actors responsible for borders, protection, reception and integration while also addressing the broad issues of Europeanization and externalization.  Employing a refugee-centered approach to the study of labor market integration, housing, citizenship and more, policy recommendations resulting from RESPOND will be relevant to refugees, effective and humane.

RESPOND is funded by a European Commission Horizon 2020 grant and led by Uppsala University.  Research is being conducted by 14 university and NGO partners who bring a wide-range of disciplinary expertise to the topic.  Researchers will examine migration governance at macro (transnational, national), meso (sub-national/local) and micro levels (refugees/migrants). The project applies an innovative research methodology utilizing legal and policy analysis, comparative historical analysis, political claims analysis, socio-economic and cultural analysis, longitudinal survey analysis, interview based analysis, and photovoice techniques.  This approach ensures that RESPOND findings are accurate, nuanced and comprehensive.

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Project Information

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme for the period 2017-2010 under Grant agreement No [770564].

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