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Gender in the German Refugee Debate – Reflections on Shortcomings, Side-effects, and Pitfalls

By Johanna Elle (Georg-August Universität Göttingen) and Sabine Hess (Georg-August Universität Göttingen). Since summer 2015, there have been a number of remarkable shifts in gender awareness in the context of flight and migration in the German refugee debate. The attention paid to gender-specific issues in the press and politics soared quite abruptly in 2015 so that […]

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Spotlight on RESPOND-er: Justyna Szalanska

By Justyna Szlanska. My journey to RESPOND began in 2014, when I attended a conference, ‘From a Cradle of Civilization to a Globalizing Transit Region’ organized by the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul. With a group of academics and researchers from different disciplines like ethnology, psychology, archeology, political sciences, law and linguistics we discussed Turkey […]

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First Results: Politicization and a Complex, Fragmented Legal Milieu in RESPOND Countries

By Veronica Federico (University of Florence), Silvia D’Amato (University of Florence), Andrea Terlizzi (University of Florence) and Paola Pannia (University of Florence). RESPOND’s first  Work Package (WP 1), led by the University of Florence is titled, “Legal and policy framework: sustainability and interaction.” It aims to gather background information about the socio-economic, political, legal and […]

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RESPONDING to Research Challenges

By Susan Beth Rottmann (Özyeğin University) The research challenges that RESPOND faces are enormous.  It is an ambitious project involving research in 11 countries with migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe who speak more than 15 different languages!  It also involves research with stakeholders who work in many different areas of migration […]

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Welcome to the Official Blog for RESPOND!

The goal of this blog is to share information about research on migration governance conducted as part of RESPOND, an EU Horizon 2020 project.  For more information about RESPOND, please visit the project website or engage with us via our social media pages: facebook group, facebook page, twitter, and instagram.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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